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Is your home in crisis? Do your children never do what they are told? Do you find yourself completely overwhelmed and hating to interact with your children? Do your children treat you with disrespect and cause contention at home? Are you out of control of your emotions as a parent too? If any of these descriptions sound like your house, then you might be in crisis and you will definitely benefit from reading this book. It is written for you. 

Come hear Nicholeen get real about what is happening in the world today and why we deeply need social skills.

Here are some favorite quotes by Nicholeen from this presentation:

“Peer interaction in a social setting is a learning experience to be discussed later with the trainer. It’s not experience itself.”

“Speaking the truth is the weapon the world needs to heal.”

Parents have to correct behaviors whether they want to or not. When we lovingly correct children there are keys that we can followed to make the corrections run more smoothly and hit the heart of the child. 

In this training Nicholeen teaches the 7 Keys of Correcting Bad Behaviors and does live demonstration with a youth during the training. She also answers difficult parenting questions that were submitted prior to the training in a round-table discussion with TSG mentors. This training was a live webinar from 2018 and is now being newly released here. 

One of the most difficult parts of modern parenting is maintaining strong bonds with family members. We are not only busy, but have lots of distractions and ideologies that are tearing our family relationships apart right before our eyes. No matter the ages of your children, it’s never too early nor too late to build powerful bonding habits. In fact, building good bonding habits could be the very thing that gives your family the strength to be impenetrable during these difficult times. 
The habits and principles Nicholeen will share are meant to help improve bonding during family fun times as well as times that seem stressful or difficult too. 

This exclusive audio seminar has previously only been available to members of the TSG Support Group. It details the 5 Key Characteristics of raising and becoming a joyful adult.  Many of you have heard Nicholeen say:

I am not making perfect children; they don’t exist.  I am making joyful adults who know what their mission in life is and can’t wait to fight for it and have a solid relationship with God and family.

While teaching your children and yourself the principles of self-government is a big part of the process towards becoming joyful, there is more to it. Listen to this five-part audio seminar to better understand how you and your children can prepare to be joyful adults and better live your missions in life.

Cultural Parenting Revolution

How have parenting styles changed over the last 60 years? Have those changes been for the better? Many of us have been taught that if we just become friends with our children, they will respect us. But does that belief reflect reality?

Originally made for delegates at the United Nations, this class is a must-have resource for parents trying to raise the best children possible.

These books have been helping children learn in a fun way for years! Get all 4 books in one easy to read eBook you can take on the go.

Teach your children the 4 Basic Skills of:

  1. Saying and being “Okay”
  2. How to accept “No” answers
  3. How to accept consequences,
  4. How to disagree appropriately

Fall Fresh Start

At this exciting webinar, I’ll be covering:

  • Improving Connection Relationships, and Behaviors This School Year
  • Helping Children Fall In Love With Learning, Even The Hard Subjects
  • Making the Home-life and School-life Schedules Harmonious Not Conflicting (Tips for smooth school days and all the other stuff too!)
  • ​Question and Answer Time With Nicholeen

Improving Home Culture in 15 Minutes!

This audio class is designed to help families make a quick shift in their home culture so that they can more easily implement the Teaching Self-Government principles.  In this class, Nicholeen Peck talks about how to improve a floundering culture at home in just 15 minutes a week!

Leadership Education at Your House

Nicholeen describes — in her candid, storytelling way — how she has transformed her home into a Leadership Training environment.  She goes through her daily schedule and shares vital principles for raising assertive, leadership-minded children.

Obedience – The First Homeschool Lesson

In a class given to a live audience, Nicholeen Peck discusses how to get your children ready for life by teaching obedience as part of Homeschool.  Being able to be obedient is the first and fundamental building block of Self-government, especially in an education setting.  If you long to have your children live up to their potential, or to just get their math done, this class is a must for the homeschooling parent, whether new or veteran.

Overcoming Urgency Addiction

This class teaches parents how to create habits of effective communication at home instead of getting caught in an efficiency trap.

In this class, Nicholeen says that when you have an “Urgency Addiction,” it means that you try to make everything so urgent by being so efficient, that you stop being effective.

This class teaches parents how to create habits of effective communication at home instead of being trapped in efficiency.

Revitalizing Your Homeschool

Is your home school feeling lack-luster, boring or … dead? Have you ever wondered what’s next for your children’s education? Fear not! Nicholeen Peck and Teaching Self Government have created the perfect class for you.  These concerns and many others are discussed in a series of classes designed specifically for you: The Home School Helper Series.

Roles. They define our rights, obligations, responsibilities, beliefs, and even who we are. How well do we each understand our respective roles? How do we teach our children about proper roles? How would the problems children and parents face change if they better understood roles? This audiobook makes roles easier to understand, and it shows how to strengthen roles and empower ourselves and those we live and work with to reach our full potentials.

Starting Your Homeschool Right

This is a conversation with a mother new to homeschooling

A few days after the conversation, the mother of this young mother saw me and gave me a big hug.  She said, “Nicholeen, thank you so much for what you have done for my daughter and her family.  It was amazing!  Thank you. Thank you.”

I realized that all these people who are constantly asking me questions about home-schooling might want to here this conversation too.

The Power of Calm

The Power of Calm: an hour-long audio class by Nicholeen.

“When I go speak to people around the country about the style of parenting I live in my home and the family culture I am passionate about, one of the biggest responses I get is, ‘I think I need self-government myself before I can teach it to my children.’

This is so true! It is hard to stay calm when you are under pressure and dealing with the stresses of raising children and living in our fast-paced world.

The Power of Christmas

This is a mini-class that was created on a Support Call.  It talks about:

How Scrooge does The 4 Keys of Self-Government
How to get excited that your journey is taking you closer to your vision
How bondage causes human blindness
How to give help people see reason if they are in a selfish place

And more!

The Value and Mastery of Emotion

I think many people assume that when a person is self-governed that means they treat emotions as bad things. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Emotions are an important part of us and our relationships and can even draw us closer together. But, they can also fracture families and create disconnections. In this 3 hour event I’ll help you finally fully understand emotions and how to use them to connect with others as well as how to make sure they don’t put you and your family in emotional bondage. 

A self-governed person should be the very best at sharing and understanding emotions. At this event, I’ll give you the training you need to do that for yourself and your family. 

To the Youth – Training the Heart

In a follow up to her popular adult class “Training the Heart,” Nicholeen Peck has released a version designed especially for the youth!  In her slightly rambunctious style, Nicholeen conveys the critical message of training yourself to listen the voice of truth in each of us, instead of succumbing to our emotions or relying on the logic of others.  In a world where there are so many distracting voices, this class is a must have for all youth, no matter the age.

Note: this class is given in front of a live audience, resulting in a slight loss in audio quality

This is an amazing class by Nicholeen where she connects, in her unique perspective, how we are made of parts: heart, body and mind.  This class talks about how you can train your heart to rule over your body, instead of becoming victim to the emotional reactions that put us in bondage and misery.

TSG for Type-A and Type-B

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to click with your child’s personality?  In this class, Nicholeen Peck discusses key differences between Type-A and Type-B personalities.  When parents and children differ in their personality traits, their relationship can become fragile and should be handled with prudence.  This class provides some common sense solutions to help avoid serious relationship damage.  Nicholeen demonstrates how a Type-A parent should handle a Type-B child, and vice versa.

This class was recorded for Nicholeen’s 10-step Implementation Course

TSG Parenting Seminar Audio Stream

This is the recording of a day-long parenting seminar given by Nicholeen. You will learn the methods she uses to parent her children that have worked for thousands of families. Even if families only implement some of Nicholeen’s tested parenting principles, their family life will improve.

If you teach a child how to govern his own behaviors, you will teach him how to change his heart. This change of heart is more important than any behavior change.  ~ Nicholeen

Raising Warriors for God
Raising Children of Character